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 Заголовок сообщения: Status with MoD Clan
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I heard from MoD that they are in war with OEG.I heard from Songo that MoD attacked you and i heard from Nike that its a situation about OIA.So i decided to start this discussion.
MoD clan started on HC server around january.They are Justice clan who will attack pirates and taxers.If they attacked OEG they probaly didnt know.But about situation with OIA.OEG are good friends with OIA.MoD probaly attacked OIA cuz they are taxers.So here it starts.OEG becomes an enemy of MoD too and war starts.What about the other part.MoD attacks OEG and then OEG strikes back.MoD does not appologise and war starts.In any way MoD and OEG are in war (Nike said about the war).
But you have to know - MoD are Justice clan as OEG is.There shouldnt be war bettwen Justice Clans.I suggest you have a chat with MoD clan and they will explain attacks on OEG members and OIA.Try to make peace.
United Justice Forces are strong togheter against pirates.There's no sense of 2 Justice clans fighting each other.I hope situation will be fixed.

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1. OEG is not "Justice Clan" - we are military organisation.

2. MoD's trial member Pritt atak OEG becouse we have fight with some his fiend.
MoD had a chance to fix it, but they have preferred to continue fight with us.
So any MoD in Gamma will be killed.

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Ok i see.No peace with MoD then.

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