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 Заголовок сообщения: Der-Orden apply for Alliance
СообщениеДобавлено: 2007-07-02 21:12:34 

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Откуда: Bavaria/Germany

I am Sev, Co Leader and diplomat of Der-Orden-Clan.

At first some words over us:

We are the biggest Clan on the J4F-Euro-Freelancer Sever (about 24 aktive Members) and we also have builded up our Clan on HHC 2 month ago, i think ;)

We are allied with the OIA like you, have a neutral/friendly relationship to FTI. Our enemies are the DevisionPL and UsF and we allready have fighted with some of your members against them and other enemies. Also one of your members know us allready, his brother (Der-Orden-Outcast) is in our Clan.

I hope the allieship is possible ;) that could be the beginning of a great Alliance together with OIA and you and a good friendship

thx for your time :D


(sorry my english isnt that perfect^^)

EDIT: our Forum http://derorden.foren-max.de/derorden.html

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Welcome to our forum, Der-Orden-Sev, and your English is good=) I hope our leader Songo will answer soon about your proposal.

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Hi Sev

It would be good to create the allie
but in current moment we want to hold neutral to some clans, which are your enemys (like TCE, TD & HA), so it will not be full allie as you andestand

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